Winners Have Been Notified

Eight lucky winners have been notified. The publisher should send more copies shortly (only received six so far) and then the fuzzing process will continue… Until then, we are still accepting new participants to the draw!

The best “Why Me” comments are also under selection process. Here is a sample of some of them (from current winners, who unfortunately will not get a chance to get a second copy):

  • “I’ve got to have it! They’re all out to get me!” by Steve Abler
  • “I am passionate about application security and the need for robust testing methods. I am an application security evangelist who proactively educates developers, development mangers, security practitioners and executive management. I am currently lobbying for a corporate team to be tasked with supporting SSDLC using whitebox and blackbox tools. In short, I am someone who will both benefit from and provide value with the knowledge I can gain from this book.” by Jaime Castells
  • “Because it is the first resource I’ve seen that connects the dots between software QA and IT security - two topics that have fascinated, frustrated, and perplexed me for many years.” by Alex Chapman
  • “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Having this book will help me to keep hackers close but not that close.” by Richard N Price
  • “I need to understand the threats facing our applications better. We want to pull together a lab where we don’t just interrogate software (checking what APIs are called and if the app has the authorization) we want to black box test the app. The book would help us realize that goal.” by Loraine Beyer
  • “To restore my faith in Lady Luck.” by Laszlo Bortel
  • “Application testing for security flaws has become the next major defense against blended threats and this book shows you how to start and improve your fuzzing skills.” by Russell Weatherly
  • “SW Quality is a fuzzy subject, SW Security Quality doubly so! As a quality expert I see security testing important, but find that engineering the SW security quality intentionally in place in the development process is even more critical. I (and my team) needs to learn this.” by Erkki Pöyhönen

Congratulations to all winners!

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