Fuzzing Is A Surprise To Some, But Not To Us - Right?

Check out this article.

The authors (Gary McGraw, Brian Chess, and Sammy Migues) interviewed leading product security teams in the industry, and collected the findings. The most important discovery (or maybe the biggest surprise to the authors?) was:

0. Fuzz testing is widespread.
What kind of “last bullet” is that on a top ten list?! Let us explain. Way back in 1997 in the book Software Fault Injection, Jeff Voas and McGraw wrote about many kinds of testing that can be imposed on software. We wondered whether security was a special case for software testing. One classic way to probe software “reliability” is to send noise to a program and see what happens, i.e., fuzzing. Somehow the security community has morphed this technique into a widely applied way to look for software security problems. Wow. Who would have guessed that reliability trumps security?”

The importance of finding real and certainly critical issues in software has finally been noted as the highest priority by all leading security organizations! But we knew that, because we have been helping them in the process. ;)


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