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Microsoft SDL for Agile, and then some fuzzing

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

From Visual Studio Magazine:


Microsoft Security Program Manager in the SDL team, Bryan Sullivan: “It is important to fuzz your parsing code periodically, but you are probably not going to find so many potential vulnerabilities doing so that you need to fuzz it every sprint.”

Interestingly, with some type of fuzzing you do not need to be that picky. In many environments that I have visited, fuzzing is automated to the build process, i.e. automatically when the code builds, the fuzz process starts in the background. And why not? It is not like you need any person to monitor a fuzz process especially if you do not expect to find anything. Fuzzing actually fits very nicely to any programmers’ automated unit test process, especially if you are coding protocol stacks or simple applications on top of industry standard protocols such as HTTP, SOAP and SIP.